Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Multimedia class assignments

Journalism 121 students at this point in the semester should be working on four projects:
  1. Maintain your blog with at minimum of two blog posts per week (Monday and Wednesday); more are preferred. Remember that the topic of your posts should relate to the class, what you are learning in class, or to multimedia reporting/online journalism research you are doing.

    Also, by this time you should have added blog rolls with links to other students' blog sites ... and you should be reading others' blogs.

  2. Maintain your Twitter accounts. Make sure you are telling stories, not just throwing out thoughts. Analysis is good. It is difficult to tell a good story in 140 characters or fewer, but that is the point. Topics must relate to the class or other cover Cerritos College news. Be sure to include #j121 in posts that meet these criteria. You should tweet a minimum of twice a week.

  3. Complete you Storify assignments and send me the links. Both individual assignments and group assignments were due by today.

  4. Write your scripts for the upcoming animated cartoon assignment. We will learn to use Xtranormal on Thursday.
Note that I more often post to my Rich's Musings blog, so you might want to add it to your blog roll to hold me accountable.

Note to those absent today: You cannot afford to miss ANY class period because I keep adding assignments or elements to assignments.